The kids are getting ready to head back to school however that looks.

In some areas of the country, that does mean physically getting back to class. Others, online. And some a split of both.

Teachers are doing what they can to welcome the kids back and get them excited because let's face it, we live in coo coo crazy times.

So anything to motivate our kids to get them excited about getting back to school is welcomed.

Some teachers are thinking outside the box.

And some of those teachers can out rap your favorite mumble rappers.

When we say bring are not ready.

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Meet Mrs Williams and Mrs. Evans of Monroe High School in Albany, Georgia.

They took that Jack Harlow beat, wrote their back to school raps, got the ladies from the Monroe Cheerleaders to back them up in their videos, and the rest is viral gold baby.

God bless all our teachers and these ladies especially who have that fire and desire and drive to motivate their kids so much. They put forth that extra effort and man...these ladies absolutely bring it.

I would not miss a class or be late with my assignments cause I have a feeling they would not have it. And I'm thinking if they go head to head in a rap battle with you in class, you're gonna lose.

Outstanding work ladies.


Mrs. Williams, who is the Cheerleading coach and teacher at Monroe High School does a back to school rap video to get the kids excited for school! (Monroe Cheerleaders)



Mrs. Evans, cheerleading coach and teacher at Monroe High wanted to get everyone LIT as we return back to school. (Monroe Cheerleaders)


A special shout out to the Monroe Cheerleaders and also to @overstreetmediaservices.

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