This weekend across the country some states are reopening. Partially. Phase one. Truth be told I am confused on how it all is going to work. And I am optimistically cautious about it. Because really, what's it going to look like? I'm all for us getting back to work, getting the economy going again, and so on. But I don't want to catch the coronavirus. I don't want it to flare up again and see this blow up in our faces. I don't want people to get sick and die. I go to the store to get essentials and I still see people not wearing masks and standing too close at the cash register. Totally ignoring the little Xs on the ground. So I just wanted to go stream of consciousness here. Cause I have a question. Actually, I have a lot of questions.

How often are you wiping down the front door handles to get into and out of the restaurant? The restrooms?

Speaking of restrooms, how often will someone be in there wiping those down? You know you've been in some restaurant restrooms before and the state of those? And now those signs that say "employees must wash hands" are DEFINITELY gonna jump out at you.

Will everything in the restrooms be touchless? Will they even be open as a precaution?

...this weekend the restaurant will be replacing its faucets, soap dispensers and toilets with automatic version of the appliance as it continues it evaluate ways to make the dining experience safer. (KTUU)

Are we wearing masks and gloves to enter and to eat? How's that going to work?

I know that in other states they have reduced occupancy based on size at restaurants, but does that work for their business model? (KTUU)

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And a dining room slightly full of people. Tables 6 feet apart or so. Loud talking. Again, are people wearing masks? You pulling them down to eat and putting them back?

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Are the servers wearing masks and gloves? Is there one server/waiter per table? I don't want my waiter going back and forth between me and another table. I know I don't have it but what about them? (I make that comment in jest but you see where I'm going).

Restaurant workers, many of whom don’t have health care in the first place and might rely on income for medical costs, are also statistically at higher risk for COVID-19.(Eater)

Are there menus? Are you wiping them down between diners?

Bottled water and drinks?

Limited menus?

Wait, are you taking my temperature before I come in? What about the staff?

“Taking the temperature from all the chefs, taking temperature from the customers as well; no table bigger than four, spaced six to eight feet between tables. Nobody touches money, so people go to an app for the restaurant on their phone, the waiter just brings wine, water, and food. (Eater)

Truthfully, I haven't even seen the menu yet and I have a ridiculous time choosing appetizers and what to eat. All these questions come before that.

To keep my anxiety in check, I think I'll wait and see how the first wave goes.

I'm not in that big of a rush to get out of the house. Call me paranoid. But I'll stay home and stay safe.

And I'll be praying that this doesn't go the way I think it will. Dear God let me be wrong on this. But it's all in your hands father. Amen.

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