THIS drives me crazy.

How do you not hear this?

How are you ignoring this?

How has it happened for so long that it is now background noise to you?

It's literally the thing in your house who's job is to go off when there's smoke and thusly indicating something might be on fire.

However nothing's on fire.'s beeping. Chirping.

And you do nothing about it.

Wait, yes you do. You ignore it.

How many times have you been over a friend's or relative's house and heard the smoke detector chirping and asked them "don't you hear that"? And their response is, "hear what"?

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Or have you ever watched a tik tok (or other social media) video and said person in the video is going about their business and the smoke detector is chirping in the background loud and clear.

How do people not hear that?

Besides it being a fire safety issue and people clearly being lazy and tone deaf, YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOU FREAKIN' BATTERY.

In the time it takes for you to change your battery in this lifesaving device in your house, some folks (if they actually do hear it and are annoyed by it) SIMPLY UNPLUG THE SMOKE DETECTOR.

Also a bad idea.

And I get it. These things have a habit of going off at like 2:17 in the morning and you just want it to shut up so you can get back to sleep. The worst thing you can do here is unplug your smoke detector. AND THEN FORGET YOU DID IT.

Please stop being lazy. And stop putting your life and your family's life in danger.

If your smoke detector is chirping, the battery needs changing.

So...and this is super easy...change the battery.

Now, sometimes...even after you put in a BRAND NEW BATTERY (not just take one already being used by another device) the smoke detector might still beep. You might need to clean the smoke detector, discharge the residual energy built up in it, reset it, or replace it. Here are some instructional videos to help you.

It's fire safety people. It could save your life and your sanity. Because a chirping smoke detector left alone WOULD DRIVE ME INSANE. At your house or mine.

Please don't ignore it.

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