This isn't the first I'm seeing them either. But I was on a drive during lunch on Thursday when I came across three turkeys crossing the road, this isn't a joke either. I let them cross, Legacy Parkway, but I thought I should take a video of them cause they were quite noisy but also very curious as to the grass that wasn't covered in snow on that other side of the road.

So after I saw them walking along Legacy Parkway, I turned the corner to go on Dunckel. Once I got on Dunckel I figured I'd look around to see if any more turkeys were hanging around. They unfortunately weren't hanging out there but they were hanging out in the Drive-Thru lane at Burger King on Five Oaks Drive, right around the corner. I don't know why they would be hanging around a place that cooks hamburgers but I'm not a turkey. They didn't seem to care about the cars driving around them either.

After I got lunch I went to check if they were still at the Burger King or on Legacy Parkway, but they weren't. I'm not sure where they went but they can apparently move fast. So if you are over in the area of Dunckel and Jolly in Lansing, just be aware of these big turkeys walking around and gobbling up a storm.

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