Just a note that I'm not a knitter, but my girlfriend is, so this will mostly from her. But if you are a knitter or looking to knit over the holiday, here are some ideas of what to do. The Thanksgiving holiday is this week, and while you are sitting at home or maybe waiting for the turkey, you can learn a new hobby in knitting. Knitting can also come in handy as you can learn how to do it quickly then you can make different things for friends and family as gifts or make things for yourself.

If you are looking for some ideas over the Thanksgiving holiday though, these knitting ideas might help. First off, here is something that can be good to knit for all ages and as a great gift especially over the holidays.....socks. Yes you can spend money on the gift of socks to someone this holiday season, or you can make them and make them more personal. Plus there are so many patterns for socks so you can never do the same one twice, and below is an easy video on how to make some.

Next, another things to knit for yourself or as a gift is a blanket. My girlfriend has made a few blankets for adults and also for babies, so if you are looking for a gift for a friend that recently had a baby, this is a great option. Plus you can pattern a blanket any way you want so it can be displayed year round, and your knitting can be viewed and praised all of the time.

If you are looking for Christmas knitting ideas, then look no further than Christmas Stockings. Stockings are a great idea of something to knit because they can be displayed all holiday long and you can use them over and over. Plus, you can also personalize them so again this can be a great gift that you and your family can enjoy forever, if you are looking on how to knit them check it below.

Finally, if you are looking for some quick things to knit over the holidays and it's for beginners too, then you might want to check out knitting: ear warmers, kitchen towels, and arm blankets. You can knit these things in less than an hour and beginners can even knit them that quickly too. If you are looking for ideas on what to knit, then check it out here. 

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