Here is something you gotta check out this fall especially before all of the leaves fall off the trees. It's Tawas Point State Park which is located just north of Saginaw and it gives great views of Lake Huron and the beautiful land that surrounds it. Also here's another reason to visit as Tawas Point has been referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest."

Tawas Point State Park also has an interesting story in how it was built. First, In 1850, the US government appropriated $5,000 for the construction of a lighthouse. The lighthouse was built by 1853 but it had plenty of problems, first from shifting sands and also the light needed to be replaced.  Then a few years later, the Lighthouse was inspected and it was said to be either be replaced or renovated due to the problems above. With problems of the light in the Lighthouse they also encountered problems with the crazy waves that bashed against the shores and sands, moving the sands around and adding an addition mile of land to the Bay. This caused the lighthouse to be so far inland that mariners were unable to see the lighthouse's light. To add to the problem this lighthouse was known for its dim light. With all these problems combined, it caused a shipwreck and the Captain of the ship blamed it on the dim lighting, which caused the Lighthouse Board to build a new Lighthouse which was finished around 1877. More on the History of the Lighthouse here. 

At Tawas Point State park you can check out the Lighthouse as well as see all of the trees and the many colors that cover the area. The campground is located on Tawas Bay where the water is shallow so if you want to bare the cold water you can walk along the shoreline. In addition, this is a pet friendly beach. To get to Tawas Point, you can just hop on 127 or I-69 and head North, before you jump on 75N and you should be there in about 2.5 hours. To see a beautiful flyover the State Park, check it out below.

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