Wojciech Gajda

Father's Day is next Sunday, June 15th! It'll be here before you know it and all you slackers (me included) will be scrambling to figure out what to get for Dad.

Well, we're in luck. One of the blogs I follow, Scary Mommy, had a guest post from a dad who gave us the run down on what we should NOT be purchasing for our dads. I think I've done or bought my dad every single thing on this list, hahaha.

Going out to dinner at a great restaurant that Dad has to pay for anyway. Check.

Buying a cheesy shirt that he would never be caught dead in. I bought my father a "World's Best Papa" shirt once and he did wear it. Once. Check.

This didn't make this dad's list but I'm guilty of buying my dad something cool and then borrowing it when he's done or before he's even watched it. Coughcough- The Walking Dead.

You can check out the whole list here and make sure you buy your Pops something else this year that he will truly love. Or just make him a card and a cake. Everyone loves cake.