Michigan State is not open to in person classes, not nearly as many students on campus, yet coronavirus cases are keep going up. There have been 124 MSU students and two employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since Aug. 30. That isn't good since that was less than 2 weeks ago, so who knows how many more have it due to these 124 confirmed cases. The rise in coronavirus cases just as school has started has alarmed some in East Lansing but they have really alarmed Ingham County Health Officials.

According to the State News, county health officials are worried because this isn't the first time that there has been an outbreak in East Lansing as there was one back in June and early August. Most of the cases from these times were because bars and restaurants re-opened for a time and a surge happened. Now though, the new cases are from off campus parties, which health officials say will only get worse as winter comes and more people stay inside. The health officials also run into trouble due to college aged and younger people not showing symptoms and continuing to be in large gatherings. Health officials have said,

“If people who are already sick do not help us identify the other people who are impacted, then that’s going to be a problem.”

If you watch the news or have driven around East Lansing you may have seen there is a mask rule inside and outside. Along with that frats and sororities on the campus have voted against not holding parties this year, which can only hurt not help. In addition, I have seen the East Lansing mayor the last few nights giving out masks and trying to stop parties that are happening around the city. Why does he have to do that is beyond me but here we are.

You can see more the situation in East Lansing here.

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