I swear the blue dress or gold dress thing was one of the dumbest internet arguments & conundrums I had ever witnessed.

Billie Eilish even took that one a step further with a tennis shoe version of what color is it?

Eilish then revealed that she was faced with her own optical illusion dilemma with her father. Her dad believed that her pair of Nike Air More Uptempos were pink and white, while Eilish believed that they were mint green and white.

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The internet has no shortage of them either.

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They go beyond the optical. Remember the whole "Laurel & Yanny" audio sample thingy?

Well here's the latest. They're calling it an optical illusion but I don't think it's that at all.

At first glance what do you see?


Dude running into the snow covered woods right. Wearing a backpack?

Take a look again.

Now, do you see this is a dog running OUT of the woods? Looks kind of like a poodle?

A black poodle running out of the woods?

Definitely thought it was a small human in all black running away from the camera until I realized their backpack was a giant poodle head,” one user explained.


“My brain tripped out there for a second,” another said.


Hundreds of users say their opinion changed after analysing the photo, yet others could only see the poodle. (Yahoo News Australia)

At first glance this one throws you but once you see the dog, that's all you'll be able to see afterwards.

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