We all know what cheating is right? Some of us have cheated and some have been cheated on. Some of us have even been both! Perhaps you decided to head to the Nuthouse to grab some food only to see your person shooting pool with someone who is not you. You might have met that really cool guy at the last MSU football game and he has ghosted you ever since. Whether it is a new relationship or a one with longevity, what do we consider cheating?

A whole bunch of people took an online poll that asked if different things count as cheating and they said this:

1. A kiss on the cheek? Most people agree it is not, but if it is a lips kiss, oh heck yeah!  3% even think it's cheating when two actors have to kiss.

2. Tinder scrolling out of boredom. Most consider it cheating. If you do message someone, nearly everyone thinks you are a cheater.

3. A close slow hug? Most believe you are not cheating.

4. Sending naked photos....OBVIOUSLY! ...unless they are tastefully done black and white nudes....then it is art. Just kidding...kind of.

5. Offering to give a massage. Most think it is cheating.

6. Flirting with a server or someone at a business. About 25% think it is.

7. Hooking up while you are taking a break from your relationship. Grey area on this one.

8. Holding hands with someone else? Surprisingly a lot of people think it is.

9. Telling someone, "I'd totally hook up with you if I was single"? The vocal minority call that mental cheating.

10. Hanging out with an ex without telling your significant other? Surprisingly not everyone believes this is cheating.

11. Watching porn? NOPE

12. Sliding into those DM's? Maybe not right away, but you are laying some groundwork.

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If you happen to be wondering which Michigan city has the highest rate of cheating? Detroit ranks in the top 30 nationally.

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Tom Brady and his wife have supposedly hired divorce lawyers. The rumors of cheating have started. I mean whenever a couple doesn't last it must be due to cheating right? Time will tell. They have kids so that cheating might lead to a big settlement.  On the subject of kids after a break up, check out the rappers with the most kids :

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