We are almost at the end of summer and we have been in our houses most of the year with our thermostat going. Some have their's going more than others, or you might have that stickler in the house who always turns it higher or off to save money.  In my house we have it set usually set at 74 during the day, unless it really hot then it might be lower, and at night we like it colder between 68 - 70.

Where do you set your thermostat when you are home and when you aren't home? The suggestions from Energy Star recommends that you set your AC at 78 degrees when you're home to save money and energy. In addition, when you're sleeping, you should set the AC at 82 degrees and even four degrees warmer if you're using a ceiling fan. Finally, you should set it at 85 while you're gone.

I know setting your thermostat above 78 might seem crazy but that is why I want to know what you set yours at. Take the poll below, as there is one for the day and one for night, and it should be easy as we have been home for most of the year.

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