If you have been to Mackinac Island than you know already there are a few spooky and scary things there, one though has a perfect scary name/history behind it.

This is a naturally made cave, carved out of the rock by the now  disappeared Lake Algonquin. The little cavern did not begin to earn its current name, until the 18th century when the local Native Americans began using the cave as a burial spot. Well, not quite a burial spot, but more of a spot where they laid the bodies of the dead to rest.

It was used for several generations of Native Americans until it was unfortunately discovered by a fur trader, Alexander Henry, who stumbled upon the cave as he evaded violence in 1763. He hid and lived in the cave and later wrote that he had spent the night on “nothing less than a heap of human bones and skulls, which covered the floor!”

Don't worry if you want to visit it now, as it is free of dead bodies and bones. To get to the cave you have to travel within Mackinac Island State Park, (but the address is Garrison Road Mackinac Island, Michigan, 49757)

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