Yes this is definitely something that you can only do in Michigan, mostly cause there are no other towns in America named Hell.

Hell has had its name since before the Civil War, and there are a number of theories as to how the town received its name.The most told story is that it came from a pair of visiting Germans who described the town as “so schön hell,” (“so beautifully bright”) in the 1830’s. Other theories concern town founder George Reeves, who was looking for suggestions and just said, “I don’t know, you can name it Hell for all I care.” Another theory is that Reeves used to pay his workers in Whiskey, making them late to return home, and their wives saying, "They had gone to hell again." Finally, some believe that the town was simply named for the swampy, mosquito-ridden conditions that was first encountered.

Anyway if you ever visit this town, off of W. Michigan route 36, you can see Hell Tavern or the other Hell attractions. Plus one of the biggest things that people do is that they like to become Mayor of Hell. It will only cost you $100, to be the "Mayor of Hell for a day, but you receive a key to the city and the opportunity to be impeached at the end of the day.

One comedian had a great day, becoming Mayor and doing some funny things. Check it out here.

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