If you have never been to prison before, and want to check out a working one to really scare you then Cell Block 7 is for you. It is the Only prison museum on the grounds of a functioning prison. You can actually see prisoners across the yard!

While you are in there you can see what a prison looks like on the inside, cause I hope you never end up in one. There are also some displays that explain the history of the prison system in Michigan. And if you want to take some pictures to remind you of it you can't as there are No cell phones, cameras, or recording equipment allowed. If you wanted something as a memento to your trip then why not buy a convict-made license plate in the gift shop.

If you are wondering this specific area Cell Block 7 closed in 2007 to prisoners but opened for tours in June 2014. And yes Children are allowed, but not on the higher galleries.

You can see more about the prison in this commercial for the tour that is shown on TV across Michigan.

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