This might sound weird, and it should, but there could a Bermuda triangle-type of mystery happening in Lake Michigan.

Let's not call B.S on this yet as apparently there’s an area in Lake Michigan where planes, boats and ships have mysteriously disappeared or sank. The Atlas Obscura has a few examples as they say, “few areas in the world have a reputation for the bizarre like the Lake Michigan Triangle… has as storied a history of the unexplained as any place on earth.”

Stretching from Ludington to Benton Harbor, Michigan and to Manitowoc, Wisconsin is where the "Lake Michigan Triangle" is supposed to be. The story of this started in 1891, when a boat named the Thomas Hume set off across the lake to pick up something. Overnight there was bad weather and the boat never arrived back and the crew along with the ship was never found. Nothing from the ship even a piece of wood from it was found.

Then there's the 1921 case of the Rosa Belle, "....eleven people disappeared and their ship was found upside-down, floating on the lake. Even though the ship looked like something smashed into it, there were no accident reports made by any other vessel…..and no bodies were ever found."

There have been plenty of other ships that have made the trek through the "Lake Michigan Triangle" and where fine. Also there hasn't been any supernatural activity seen or documented so the "Lake Michigan Triangle" has just grown more as a tall tale. I'm sure you are like me and have swam at one of those beaches or near them before but next time you do look for weird or supernatural things next time, maybe you can solve this mystery.

To read more about the "Lake Michigan Triangle" you can check it out here from Atlas Obscura. 

You can also see more about it here from The Travel Channel as they did a story on it as well. 

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