Yes you read that right there is actually another Eiffel Tower in the middle of a Michigan park, which bares the same name as where the real Eiffel Tower currently sits.

Now for the story behind this Michigan Eiffel Tower, which currently sits in the aptly named Paris Park in Paris, MI. The story starts in the 1930s as Paris Park had temporary bunkhouses that sheltered government workers for the WPA. The bunkhouses were eventually torn down, but some of the metal frames and beds remained, which was then stored nearby.

Next. it wasn't until in 1980 when the thought of using the metal and scraps started. Some high school students from nearby Big Rapids or from Chippewa Hills High School in nearby Remus (stories vary on which school) discovered the beds and decided that the metal would be great for a big  welding project.

According to the story from, Dale Cox, the assistant warden of the park at the time explained "The students learned how to chop 'em up."  What came out of all of the metal and scraps was a nice Eiffel Tower replica in a wooded area just past the park's fish hatchery. It apparently was more striking to people passing by as it stands 20 feet tall but as the trees around it have grown, it grew around the Tower to give it an even more original look.

To get a good look and picture you will have to walk into the forest at the park. To get directions and to also get more on another statue situated nearby, check it out here. 

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