We know that the Super Bowl is on Sunday and that means there are millions that place bets on the game but also you can place bets on a lot of weird events.

First off, the Patriots are 4 point favorites, as of Wednesday, but did you know you can also place bets on things during the Halftime Show, National Anthem, even what color the coach's sweatshirt will be. Let's go over a few right now that are very weird and out there, all bets from 5Dimes.com.

  • National Anthem over/under 122.00 seconds, it's even odds now, so the odds makers really know their National Anthem.
  • Pink leaves any word out of Anthem, its at 5 to 1 , that is actually a big underdog as opposed to her doing the Anthem perfect.
  • Pink's Hair Color During the National Anthem, Platium or Blonde is a big favorite, but other choices are Green, Blue, Black, and of course Pink.
  • "Wardrobe Malfunction" said ov 1½ times, its at 5 to 1 odds now, this is clearly cause of Justin Timeberlake doing the Halftime show and we all know what happened last time.
  • Peyton Manning appears in over 2½ commercials, its odds are about Even now, but Peyton does appear in a lot of commercials for Papa John's, Nationwide Insurance, and others. So this might be a good one to go on.
  • "Dilly" said over 12½ times, its something I'm sure you hear everyday and will probably hear it a lot on Sunday. And it being said more than 12.5 times is a big favorite so expect to hear it.
  • Which Song Justin Timberlake will sing first? "Can't Stop the Feeling" is the favorite currently, but "Filthy" and "Rock your Body" are close betting seconds.
  • What Color Shirt Will Coach Bill Belichick be Wearing? Odds are thinking he won't be wearing his famous hoodie, you can bet on that, but the favorite color shirt for him wearing are Blue (the favorite), Grey, or Red.

Those are just some of the zany bets for the Super Bowl on Sunday, there are also tons of bets for the actual game itself but who cares about that.

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