Another weird and strange place to make a trip to that is only in Michigan is actually near Lake Michigan and its called Skellville.

Now the skeleton village of Skellville is going to seem even weirder as it is is located inside a family run garden supply store. You will find Skellville inside and around the outside of the Piedt and Son Do-it-Yourself Lawn & Garden Supply store (2400 M-139 in Benton Harbor).

Skellville is full of different exhibits all featuring....Skeletons duh. “Skellville” has been called a “backyard bonefest of skeletal characters” that is worth a stop if you’re taking a road trip in that area. It is basically a big art project that allows you to check out different scenes where skeletons are the main characters. There are skeleton taxis, a skeleton plane, and more skeletons all over. They also sell various art and skeleton art that you can buy.

It’s one of those little out-of-the-norm places but people who go seem to enjoy it.  Admission is three bucks…that is, if they’re open when you get there…..the hours seem to vary so make sure you check before you go.

See Skellville’s web page by CLICKING HERE. Also here is another tour from MLive here. 

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