We have some Haunted things here in Michigan but what about strange events that have never been explained. Throughout October month, I'll be taking you back to see some of the weirdest events in Michigan, that are still making people talk.

First, its the 1966 UFO Sighting in Dexter. On March 20, 1966, truck driver Frank Mannor saw a pyramid-like object land in a swamp near his farmhouse in Dexter Township. When Mannor and his teenage son, Ron, went to investigate, they found the mysterious object flashing red and white lights

Two police officers were sent to check out the UFO, but the object took off into the sky after they found it. The officers called for help and were eventually joined by 40 other policemen and some local volunteers. This also brought the attention of scientists, Congressmen, and UFO enthusiasts for the next few days.

Eventually, the questions mounted up on what was floated above the swamp for hours. The answer was that it was.....swamp gas? Yes that was the answer that was given. Clearly people have been sketical ever since espacially cause according to soil samples from the area where the Mannons had spotted their UFO showed radiation levels that were higher than normal. These results, which also found high levels of radiation in the water, have never been explained.

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