That is what I asked you yesterday for my topic of the day and I got a lot of strange and weird stories of things you or someone you know did in your sleep. Sleep is one of my favorite things, and I'm sure it is for you too, but sometimes people do things in their sleep that is so different from anything they normally do. These are the stories I'm looking for and you can hear them below.

You might think some of these stories are unreal or very weird but actually some are very normal for people as it is called parasomnias. Parasomnias are sleep disorders and doctors aren't sure how many suffer from them but some disorders are worse than other. Below are some of the most popular disorders doctors have found, according to medical news today.

  1. Sleep Talking - Mostly happens with children and teens, not so much with adults though.
  2. Sleep Walking - This is the more dangerous of the things you can do in your sleep. This is usually depicted in movies and TV as comical but it really isn't as sleep walking has been known for deadly injuries.
  3. Sleep Starting - This happens where people will often drift off to sleep but wake up due to a body spasm. Some think this happens due to something in your dream.
  4. Sexsomnia - Sexual acts during sleep. This doesn't have many studies behind it and doctors don't know much but they have found it happens more in men.
  5. Act Out Dreams - This doesn't happen much but when it does it can be confusing and scary for anyone sleeping near the person. This usually means the sleeping person is acting out their dreams while sleeping, it also piggybacks on the talking in your sleep.

Hopefully none of these things happen to you in your sleep but be aware of some of these strange occurrences next time someone does something strange in their sleep.

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