She's 15, but starting a few months ago it seemed at times that she was acting 5 years old.  But it's not a game and it's not funny.  It's a critical illness that Webberville's Madison "Maddie Jo" Norton is facing, and she needs our help.

She was ready to play Volleyball.  She had made the Cheerleading team.  But then she suddenly began having frequent seizure-like episodes, which were followed up with a period of time where she would regress to the behavior of a young child.

After visits to numerous doctors and hospitals, finally Maddie Jo was diagnosed with a condition called Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections.

It sounds bad and it is.  Doctors have told her family that if she doesn't have a necessary procedure, the brain damage will become permanent.

The procedure is called IVIG and a story in says it has a 62% of putting Maddie Jo in remission.  But, the cost is $16,000 per treatment and that money has to be paid up front.

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