Because what we needed was one more dog.  We literally need a kennel license now.

He's not ours.  He actually spent the night on my mom's porch on Wednesday night -- the night we had that big storm.  She told me yesterday that he had come to her house about a week ago too.  She said that at that time he was not wearing a collar but now he was.  But, it had pink on it, so we're not really sure if it was one his owner put on him or just one that a kind stranger put on him, trying to keep him from running out into the road...

In any case, we've got him.  He's been bathed.  He's eaten.

He is super friendly with all the kids and our three other dogs.  He seems to me to be young-ish.  Nice, white teeth.

We're going to have him checked for a chip and we have a lead on a possible owner so we're going to look into that, but hey, if you happen to know who belongs to this guy, tell them to get at me!

Also, what's his name?  Lol.  I have been calling him Puffington.

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