If you are like me you get dozens of random phone calls from spammers everyday. I get calls from states I've never been to or know anyone that lives there. Plus putting your phone on a do not call list can only do so much when Spammers are going around those lists. So if you have that problem, here are a few ways to get rid of them

Nomorobo and it lets the phone ring once, then identifies the caller. If the caller is a robot telemarketer, it automatically hangs up for you. It also blocks robotic calls people report as illegal, so you won't miss a doctor's appointment reminder, a school call or a weather alert.

TruCaller it's a free app and lets you find out who's behind that unknown number. You can do a phone number search to see if that number is someone you need to call back or not.

Hiya This is an app for both Apple and Android devices and has been downloaded by 25 million people, identifies an average of 400 million calls and has detected a billion spam threats. Right off the bat, it has a good track record. It also g

Call Control is an another app that automatically blocks spam calls and calls from other numbers you don't want to hear from. You can also block entire area codes like 888 if you're getting a lot of calls you don't want from that particular location.

Worried about missing out on important calls? Call Control gives you your own personal Whitelist and Contacts Protection to make sure people you know get through.

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