What a multitude of reactions! Man, this is funny stuff on the internet today. Check this out from Buzzfeed. There are a few GIFs that you have to go through here. There is one of everyone saying "OH SH#$!" basically in unison and then there is Jay-Z who looks mortified and then nervously laughs it off pretending hes Kanyes friend. Now, I'm not condoning this behavior. But I do think that the act of bum rushing the stage is pretty harmless. It's a joke. Is it a stiff crowd to pull a stunt like that? Probably. The Grammys are pretty formal, especially on stage when they are handing out the biggest award.

My problems started when the post Grammy show came on TV and Kanye started doing his ranting Kanye stuff. That's just stupid. Check out my blog from earlier today about that whole story. Honestly, after talking about it on the air with you guys, I think I'm more mad at Beck than anyone. He didn't stick up for himself at all and basically made a joke of the award that he won and ultimately earned. Anyway, click the Buzzfeed link above and thanks for being awesome!