Michigan is known for potholes but this winter/spring could be the worst pothole season in a while, so make sure your car is ready. The reason for potholes is that the roads freeze and thaw and this has happened quite a few times already in 2018. According to MDOT our temperature has gone below freezing and back above freezing in a 24 hour period, 7 times this year.

MDOT has assured that they are filling and patch paving the roads to keep the pothole problem under control. But there are over 1,300 miles of roadways in Ingham County and more than half have potholes.

According to MDOT Chief of Engineering, "I would have folks being cautious if they are travelling Waverly Road between Lansing Road and St. Joe Highway. Portions of St. Joe Highway itself, plus Lake Lansing Road west of Wood Street going into the city of Lansing. The older portions of Okemos Road, perhaps North of Mount Hope Road up through Meridian Township there as well." Read more about the pothole problem here from WLNS.


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