Yes you can actually buy a piece of the Mighty Mac, but there are few things to know about it before you buy it.

According to WLNS, The Mackinac Bridge Authority is selling seven sections of bridge deck from the original steel grating of the bridge. The Mackinac Bridge spans several miles and is several hundred feet tall, so guess what these pieces of the bridge are massive as well. As each piece is 5.5 feet wide by 38 feet and 5 inches deep. Also another thing to note, and this is kind of where you will be either excited or bow out...but each weighs about two tons!

Also in addition to the pieces being huge and heavy are that the gratings were originally covered with lead paint and so the buyer will have to sign a "hold harmless agreement" related to the lead paint as well as the steel grating. By the way each piece that is up for sale are about 60 years old or older so that's another thing to think about if or when you have to transport and house these things.

If you want to bid on them or take a look the bidding starts at a modest $120 and You can buy it or place a bid here

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