Marvel's Phases 4 and 5 have been hit or miss. After Endgame, it has been a struggle. Making a Black Panther sequel has been challenging to say the least. It is not because the first one wasn't successful. The opposite. Shortly before production was set to begin, Chadwick Boseman passed away. He had been in a heroic battle with cancer that no one even knew about. Including his castmates.

Many believed him to be part of Marvel's future. There was good reason for that. He was the king. Marvel made the decision to not recast him and time will tell if it was the right one. It is certainly not the wrong one. How do you continue a movie franchise without the lead character? You bring back a great director, strong writers, and make one of Marvel's best films to date.

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The film is a tribute and love letter to Chadwick. It packs emotional punch and is quite a ride. I will not get into spoilers because of the anticipation. There is speculation as to who will pick up the mantle, who will appear, and where it takes the MCU. All of those things will be addressed and hopefully appreciated. The movie also introduces one of Marvel's first heroes. Namor the Sub Mariner. His origin is changed, but he is a scene stealer. Tenoch Huerta brings him to life and is incredible. We also get introduced to Ri Ri Williams aka Iron Heart. She will have a bigger role in upcoming Disney Plus projects, but is a welcome addition to the film.

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The cast delivers. The story delivers. The weight of Boseman's passing is felt, but the film works. The Black Panther legacy is in good hands. The visuals are stunning and it truly is a beautiful film. I would suggest you see it on one of the enhanced screens at Celebration or NCG. I would also buy your tickets now. It has already made 45 million in advanced sales and is projected to open near 175 million for the weekend.

Marvel is back and in a very big way. If you liked the first one, you will love this. Grab some popcorn, turn your phone off, and for the love of God don't talk during it. Just forget about life for two hours and forty minutes. Wakanda Forever!


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