I understand.

The world is so different now. And nobody saw this coming.

No one.

We're lost. We're in the weeds. And we're scared.

No one wants to admit that really.

Cause we're strong and this is America and we can't look weak.

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But people are losing jobs. Kids are home. School is up in the air. We don't know how we're going to make ends meet. Politics and politicians squabbling over economic relief.

The numbers keep going up.

Face masks, vaccines, lockdowns, mandates...it's all a lot.

And some people don't want to accept it.

Their fear turns to anger and to acting out because they can't process it. They lash out at kids working at coffee shops and grocery stores because they are doing their job and following mandates.

I read one time that we should be careful to not confuse inconvenience with oppression. 

And kids going to house parties and folks throwing COVID PARTIES?!?

At one point and time we were all about we love our healthcare workers and we support them and we were sending them food and loving on them.

And they were asking us that if we really cared about them, we'd follow protocols, stay home, wear face masks.

Just so we wouldn't end up in their emergency rooms and the ICU. On ventilators.

Because I don't think we really know what they are going through unless we hear it from them.

And sometimes, I think if they took us by the hand and we had to walk with them a day in their shoes we'd get it.

We'd stop thinking this is a hoax. We'd see death. And a lonely death because if you get this thing and you have to be in a hospital, you can't have people come in to see you for fear of giving it to them and spreading the disease.

And if you die, you die alone.

I've heard the stories of refrigerated freight trucks on standby because the morgues were full and they had to put the bodies somewhere.

So I saw a couple of videos I wanted to pass along. They hit me kind of hard and hopefully, you hear something that affects you too.

There's one up top and the one below.

Take a look. Watch. Listen. Share.

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