This is what happens when you have too much time and creativity on your hands in the middle of a pandemic.

First let's go back. A long time ago (1984) there was this movie. It's a cult classic. The Neverending Story. A magical tale about a boy, a book, his imagination, a furry flying white dog, and the cheesiest of 80's special effects. Here, take a look.

With it came an equally awesome song: "The Neverending Story" performed by a guy named Limahl (fun fact, he was the inspiration for an X-men character named Longshot - thanks Wikipedia).

He is all things 80's from the frosted tips on the top of his head to his band called Kajagoogoo. They had this song called "Too Shy" that was one of THE BEST 80'S ONE HIT WONDERS EVER!!!!! But that is a story for another time.

Getting back to OUR never ending story, Limahl left Kajagoogoo (I can never say that name rolls off the tongue) he went on to a solo career where he sang the theme to our aforementioned movie of the same name. Please do enjoy it in all it's 80's glory below.

Now that you have some history on where it all began, let me introduce you to my buddy Chris Cruise. From Detroit, DJ, personality, and creative genius (super genius). Dude is awesome and an amazing digital creator. A mind like this with too much time on his hands? Allow me to share his gift and creation with all those of you stuck inside...

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If you're sick of being quarantined inside your house, the feeling is mutual! This Neverending Story parody documenting what it's like to stay home all day every day is fun for the whole family. You can also subscribe to Chris' Youtube channel.

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