The latest trend for all you stressed out folks is a snake massage. You read that right. A SNAKE massage. You go in, lay there, and snakes massage you as they slither all over your body. They are washed before they are draped over you. And allowed to liberally slide over you, as this supposedly puts you at ease? You won't be left in the room alone with the snake(s) thankfully. And the snake of choice is the python. As it's not venomous. But, please note, their primary method of killing their prey is to squeeze it to death. But, apparently, you shouldn't worry about that. And because of it's size, some can measure up to 30+ feet long, they are absolutely perfect for this task.

Some tips while getting your snake massage include:

  1. No sudden movements
  2. The snakes might flick their tongue and this might tickle...try not to react.
  3. Do not shout at the snakes. This will confuse them into thinking that you're a predator, or prey.
  4. Don't blow air at them - it's painful.

When getting a massage, the last thing you want to have to worry about is that you're going to get bitten in the process. To prevent them from getting snacky, snakes are fed 30 minutes beforehand. No word yet on what happens if the snake goes potty on you. Probably make sure you remember tip #1. (Source:Ranker)

Snake Massages Are Real And Some Folks Swear You'll Never Go Back

The process of a snake massage is actually far less complicated than one might imagine. After the snakes are thoroughly washed, they're pretty much just draped across the customers' torsos and faces, and given free rein to slither around as they please. They might even use their tongues, which apparently feels like being tickled.

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