Dear everyone that I encounter today:  Yes, I have been crying.

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed an incredibly personal story that will devastate you, as it should, and his heavy observation about the state of politics and health gives incredible perspective.

I couldn't help but be taken back to eight and a half years ago, when my son, Brennan, was born right here at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.  All of our kids had bili blankets to combat jaundice after their births, but it was different with Brennan.  More serious.

He ended up admitted and we weren't allowed to stay with him the whole time because we were not admitted, so we drove back and forth to the hospital every few hours, for a week, for feedings and just to be with him, as doctors and nurses monitored and helped fight his severe jaundice that was caused by some kind of discrepancy between his and Sarah's blood, as I recall.

Sarah Strickland
Sarah Strickland

He's healthy today.  Well, not today today.  He's actually home from school today, feeling a little under the weather.  But, generally, he's well.  But that was a scary week.

Praying for William, Jimmy and the whole family, and, well I'm at it...for everyone.  Just because.


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