As I say in the video, "it's been a crazy year."  My dad passed away earlier this year which immediately got me thinking about my own health.  Then, I ended up going through some health-related issues that led to some experiences at the doctor that I had never had the *luxury* of experiencing, but that are critical for men.

We'll talk more about that as Men's Health Awareness month continues.

I'm stoked to be joining the WLNS-TV team, along with some other folks from mid-Michigan that you may know, in abstaining from shaving for all of November.  My hope is that you'll ask me about my big, manly beard.  When you do, I'll take it as a cue to remind you how important taking care of your manly self or making sure your manly man is taking care of himself is.

Throughout the month both on TV and on the radio we'll be highlighting men's health issues -- this is an opportunity for us all to learn and get a little more comfortable with taking care of ourselves.