When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when it floods, obviously you hit the streets with you jet ski and do tricks. We have video footage from this past week and weekend of folks in Kalamazoo making the best of a bad/dangerous situation. Jet skiing down their streets and underneath a viaduct. Now mind you, this is quite dangerous and we do not suggest that you do this. Ever. From the audio you can hear that someone say there were cars under the water that they were jet skiing on. Also, there is no real way to judge the depth of the water. So, the potential for an accident to happen and things to go from bad to worse are there. However, these thrill seekers took to the streets on their jet skis and luckily for us, someone shot the video. So please enjoy and remember, the next time it rains and floods, please, don't do this.

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