Screening Of 20th Century Fox's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" - Arrivals
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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are friends. They are also both extremely funny and masters of one trying to one up the other.

The reason why these two have this hilarious back and forth is deeply rooted in comic book fandom. Because Ryan plays everybody's favorite Merc with the mouth Deadpool. And of course, Jackman is our favorite X-Man Wolverine.

In the comics, these two are arch enemies. And fans have been begging for an onscreen meeting forever. Ryan as Deadpool lampoons him in most of his movies. And with Jackman retiring from the role pretty much after Logan, it seems like it will never really happen. But, never say never.

Outside of the comic book movies, these two are good friends and troll each other incessantly.

Enter their individual enterprises. Ryan's Aviator Gin and Hugh's Laughing Man Coffee.

So, they decided to call a "TRUCE" and do a commercial for each other's projects and of course, hilarity ensues. Enjoy. And please note Ryan's face after he sees Hugh's commercial.

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