(VIDEO: JOE via Facebook)

Suffice it to say, season 8 and the series finale left everyone with a little bit of a sour taste in their mouth.

So, we found a little something to bring a smile to your faces. And it's got a little bit of everything to make everyone happy.

First, we throw in a heaping helping of Game of Thrones. The good stuff from back in the day. Before season 8 if you will.

And in the same vein as the Night King (after that series finale, we all wish you and the White Walkers would have won trust me), we bring you the Ice Man - Vanilla Ice. BTW, Vanilla Ice and friends will be at Cooley Law School Stadium for I Love The 90's. We'll have free tickets every Throwback Thursday until the show. Keep listening to win.

Enjoy the video mashup that we are sure didn't take almost 2 years to complete, but is infinitely more satisfying than what they gave us this season.


As I was prepping this to post, I ran across this from Jack Black's FB page. Enjoy!

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