You've been staying home and staying safe. Flattening the curve and doing a good job. Now don't let up because the battle is far from over.

As the governor has unveiled her MI Safe Start Plan and we're looking forward to easing restrictions, people can't wait to get out of the house. We're Michiganders. Warm weather is coming, we gotta get outside, get some sunshine, and GET IN THE CAR AND GO SOMEWHERE.

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Now please follow state mandates, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear your face mask/covering. Get more details from the CDC &

The rule is still stay home and stay safe but we know you guys. We've already seen you in line at the car washes, filling the bays of the self wash places, and in your driveways.

We know you've already cleaned your house from top to bottom about a BAZILLION times (and we also know that it takes the kids about 5 minutes to lay waste to all your hard work).

If you're out washing your car, give the inside the same love and attention you did your house. Just not with the same strength cleaners.

Watch the video above and at the bottom of this article for some great tips in action. And remember these Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do use disinfectant wipes. Store bought brands are cool. And soap and water work well too.
  • Don't use bleach or hydrogen peroxide as they can damage the interior.
  • Don't use ammonia based or BLUE GLASS CLEANER on surfaces other than the glass or windows. Don't use it on the touch screens or display either. (KBB.COM)

What should you be cleaning IN THE CAR? Glad you asked.

Clean all the surfaces on the steering wheel. These include the redundant controls for radio, voice control, cruise control, navigation, and paddle shift levers. And don’t forget about the gear selector lever or the turn indicator stalks.Also clean the door and center console armrests, display screens, cupholders, cubbyholes, air conditioner vents. Don’t forget the door “grab handles.”(KBB.COM)

You need pictures? We got you.

Also, I've seen several folks say that you shouldn't keep a big bottle of hand sanitizer in a potentially hot car as it could expand and explode. Keep a small, personal bottle in the car and probably in the glove box. Plenty of tips in the video up top and below.

Be clean, stay safe.

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