Before we begin, yes - we know. This is not an approved N95 mask. It is not surgical grade. It is more of a DIY project and for personal use when out and about. And please note the following:

For weeks now, the CDC has considered homemade face masks to be used as a last resort in hospitals and medical facilities. Masks made from cotton and elastic certainly won't harm civilians at home or when going out, as long as you're also following other protocols to stay safe.  (cnet)

Now that we got all that out of the way. First watch the video up top for the easy instructions. And we used the first example. We took of a couple of elastic hair bands, an old bandanna/neck wrap, and cut up an old spider-man t-shirt to make our own DIY face masks. Super easy and super cheap. You should have most of this stuff just laying around the house. It's a project you and the kids can do. Again, this should not be used in place of social distancing and other recommended procedures from the CDC.

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Large DIY Facemask

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