Just a dude taking a bath with his cat and making a video. We love folks who are wild about their animals. And we love folks who take care of our furry friends and adopt from their local shelters (Capital Area Humane Society).

This brotha is MoShow (the Cat King)! And he's a certified Cat Lover (and rapper)! So much so, that he'll bring em in the bath with him. Take a peek! It's bath time for Ravioli and MoShow!

He's got a whole YouTube channel dedicated to him and his love of cats called iammoshow! You can find this video there and many, many, many more! While they are funny and some folks would think this guy is a little on the eccentric side, he does love animals...cats especially! And he's a huge advocate of adopting! And, well he's not any worse than this lady! Remember her?

And you know what's better? When you SONGIFY her and put her to music!


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