When was the last time you took a drive to or through Vermontville? This is one of the most historic small towns in Michigan, and there are plenty of Historical Markers throughout town to prove it.

There is a wealth of archival facts about the town to be found on their webpage. Vermontville was established in 1836, a year after a reverend from Vermont, Sylvester Cochrane, traveled here looking for a permanent home. After finding the land he was satisfied with, plans and rules were devised for this new community. Everything was finalized in Kalamazoo and the foundation for Vermontville began.

In this wilderness, their troubles were mostly with wolves and bears, which were killing off their livestock but they got along fine with the local members of the Potawatomi tribe. The Native Americans made maple sugar and syrup, which was picked up by the Vermonteers, and to this day, Vermontville is famous for their maple products.

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VERMONTVILLE FAST FACTS (via Village of Vermontville):
1836: The Fire Department
1844: Vermontville Academy & Museum
1862: Vermontville United Methodist Church
1864: Vermontville First Congregational Church
1898: Vermontville Opera House
1940: The Maple Syrup Festival is held the last weekend in April. The festival was created in 1940 when a group of local guys started talking at the barber shop. They figured selling maple products would sell better if they drew in tourists for a festival every year.
1949: The Public Library

Most of the above have their own Historical Markers, and there are some cool wooden statues made from logs that dot the downtown sidewalks. It's always a good idea to grab a few photos and soak up some Michigan small town history.....and this place is one of the best.

Vermontville is located in Vermontville Township, Eaton County. You can read much, MUCH more about Vermontville's history here!

In the meantime, take a look at some vintage photos - and more - in the gallery below!


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