You just might be...I know I'VE fallen for this ploy.

There are items in just about every store that boast "value-pack" or "economy size" or "save when you buy 2 instead of 1."

But in some cases, the "value-packs" cost you MORE.
Here are some I have personally come across at some local stores:

This particular brand went for $1.99 per unit; however, nearby was a "value-pack" of the same brand, with 2 units packaged together. "Buy 2 and save" said the tag. However, the price was $3.99, making it a penny more than if you bought two separate units at $3.98.

Recently I went into a store to get canned cat food and was about to get the 24-can economy box at $9.99. However, I began comparing prices - the same brand also came in 4-unit packs at $1.59 each. So, if I bought six 4-packs I'd only pay $9.54, forty-five cents LESS than the "economy" box.

This one has bugged me for years and nobody seems to come up with a sufficient answer to this one. Two 4-5 oz. cans of tuna may cost around .80 each, making it $1.60 for two. However, nearby is the 8-10 oz. 'economy size' can, which has a price tag of approximately $2.49....making it around .89 MORE than if you purchased two separate cans. WHY? Someone once told me it's because the tuna in the larger can is chunkier; so I purchased a large can along with the smaller can (same brand) and opened them. NO difference in texture or 'chunkiness'. So again, why does the larger can cost more?

I'm sure there are many other products & items in stores with some kind of a value-savings-economy-size packaging that saves you NOTHING and in some cases, costs you MORE. If you spot any, make sure you price-check and do a little cipherin' in your head.

Have YOU come across any of these? Let me know!

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