One of the most historic, interesting roadtrips you can take is in the lower portion of Michigan.

The highway now known as US-12 was originally the Sauk Trail, used by Native American tribes from the 1700's to the early 1800's. It became a military road, laid out in 1825, and the main route for stagecoaches between Detroit & Chicago.

There is a seemingly endless supply of historic old things to see, no matter which section of US12 you travel: Old stagecoach stops, saloons, schoolhouses, homes, churches, storefronts, general stores and MUCH more.

To do an entire post on ALL of US12 would be very lengthy, so I'm gonna do a section at a time. The section below shows photos beginning in Edwardsburg and winding up in the practically-deserted town of Batavia. It's an easy roadtrip to take, one that you could do any afternoon and be back home in time for supper.

Check out the gallery below and see some of the great old structures, homes and sights along this particular stretch of US12!


Abandoned Gas Station on US-2, Upper Peninsula

Lansing's Historic Duplex Truck Company

Prehistoric Forest Souvenir & Memorabilia Gallery

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