First we had unsolicited seeds coming through the mail and now we have facemasks from China popping up in people's mailboxes. This whole year has been nothing short of weird and crazy and now there are even more things coming through the mail from China.

There haven't been that many reports but according to wilx, several people in Florida have reported getting unsolicited packages from China. Inside these packages are face masks, this is more normal of a thing to get through the mail unlike seeds, but again they are unsolicited coming from China.

Now don't get worried because these facemasks, unlike the seeds, can be thrown away and disposed of safely. If you get one of these packages don't use them and alert authorities as this is all part of the seeds "brushing scam".

In addition, if you get unsolicited packages not containing seeds or facemasks you could be part of a brushing scam/scheme. There is an easy way to not be a part of these online or Amazon scams and that is to change all of your passwords as this is how scammers are finding new people to be in this scheme.

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