This is just my truth. Don't shoot the messenger.

But if you're an olive burger fan, you're not going to like this.

The first olive burger I can remember having was from Hot & Now and it was YEARS ago.

Don't judge me.

When I think of an olive burger I think burger with sliced olives on it. And I'm cool with that. I legit like olives. That's not the issue here.

When I moved back to Michigan (3 years ago), I kept hearing about local favorites and (especially here in Lansing) THE OLIVE BURGER!

It's a Mid-Michigan/Western Michigan favorite.

MLive just came out with a list of The Top 21 Michigan Restaurants to Visit in 2021 and the two on the list from Lansing and East Lansing are Weston's Kewpee Burger at #15 and The Peanut Barrel at #7. Both known for their signature Olive Burgers and olive burger sauce.

Mind you this article is not a knock on the local establishments at all so stop typing your angry emails now.

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I have been back in Michigan for about 3 years now and I have had a Olive Burger or two with Olive Sauce on it.

I'm gonna be blunt here.

It's not a sauce.

It's a glob of mayo with olives mixed in.

Calling it olive sauce at this point would mean my tuna sandwich is composed completely of tuna sauce.

And can we be frank? I don't mind mayo on my burger. Not at all. But this is A LOT of mayo.


With a healthy helping of olives but the mayo is really the predominant condiment here.

When I first ordered an olive burger with olive sauce and it came to the table, I legit thought they had put macaroni salad on it. And I was about to say "hey" maybe they made a mistake but when I looked closer, nope.

Not macaroni salad.

But do you get that comparison? There was so much of this stuff piled on top of my burger it appeared to be macaroni salad, but it was nothing but mayo and olives.

I've peeped the recipe from several sources.

MAYO, olives...other stuff.

I did see one that called for Miracle Whip instead. I think that would be worse.

I did see a recipe that called for olives, whipped cream cheese, and milk. Ok, that is worse.

Maybe I just haven't had the right one. I'm willing to try another. App chat me using our app or suggest somewhere I should go using our socials.

It is definitely a Mid-Michigan thang. You can peep the history of it HERE.

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