It's just my opinion. ALL YEAR others have shared theirs with me, without me asking so...

A Christmas Story maybe a favorite of some people but it most definitely NOT a Christmas Classic we watch in our home. I think I like "White Christmas" more than a Christmas Story.

I remember the first time I saw it and I HATED the way it was shot. Like an old western with a coming off the rails feel. It was cheaply done and it looked that way. The dogs scene still gives me anxiety, it moved so abruptly.

I guess what I hated the most is people said I looked like Ralphie when I was a kid, people always asked me if I liked it and I would smile and say "yeah" with a high pitch and truth being swallowed down deep. People would always say "you'll shoot your eye out" and I always thought... What a crappy thing to say to a kid.

My favorites started in the late 80's with Christmas Vacation, Scrooged and then into the early 90's with Home Alone. Now, It's a Wonderful Life reminds me every year not to be an ass hat. Try to do some good. How the Grinch Stole Christmas the cartoon is a classic. A Christmas Carol is also a favorite. Stories of the gift being redemption... Not a material thing.

Whenever this movie is on, I try to like it but it's just not good and didn't hold up. Sure, it has a few one liners but a classic... Naw.

Fight me.

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