If you are someone that likes to use their phone while driving, you should really stop, as the MSP are starting a new operation to find distracted drivers.

May is also the distracted driving month, so the MSP is starting a "Operation Ghostrider which are when troopers will be in unmarked cars and acting as "ghosts" to find the distracted drivers.

Obviously, it’s not easy when troopers are in marked cars.  People tend to drive a lot more carefully when they see a police officer behind them or on the freeway. Police officers even notice when people are doing nothing wrong and a marked police car comes near them people tend to get nervous.

This is why MSP has started "Operation Ghostrider" so if a police officer rides around in an unmarked car, drivers may not notice and won’t put their phone down.  That makes catching them a lot easier.  Here’s more from WILX-TV 10.

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