After more than two tough years thanks to Covid-19, it's nice to see some new life being breathed into the greater Lansing community.

Two New Businesses Coming to the Lansing Area

I recently learned about two new yummy businesses that are headed our way thanks to the Lansing Foodies Facebook Group. By the way, if you haven't already joined the Lansing Foodies group, I would highly recommend it. There are all sorts of news when it comes to local restaurants and people always post pictures of the yummy food they make.

Our friend, Ashley C from the Lansing Foodies group gave us the heads up about Crumbl Cookies coming to Lansing.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Chesney (used with permission)
Photo courtesy of Ashley Chesney (used with permission)


This food chain serves up some intricate and sweet cookies of all varieties. The store isn't open just yet, and there's no note or signage on when it will be opening. But when it does, it will be found on Lansing's west side between BJ's Wholesale and Walmart.

Another business will soon be opening its doors too, this time in East Lansing.

Robert P. snagged a picture of another "Coming Soon" sign at the corner of Lake Lansing and Harrison roads in East Lansing. This coming soon sign is for Grand Grillin, Home of the Vicki Chicken.

Photo courtesy of Robert Perro (used with permission)
Photo courtesy of Robert Perro (used with permission)

Grand Grillin was originally a mobile food cart that set up shop in Downtown Lansing, and it specializes in deliciously seasoned chicken wraps, salads, and bowls. Now, it looks like Grand Grillin will have a brick-and-mortar location to add to the roster.

After doing a little sleuthing on Grand Grillin's Facebook page, it looks like they anticipate opening sometime during the month of May.

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