Restaurants come and go and then new ones are built hoping for great success. I do know of one restaurant opening up in Okemos very soon, Buddy's Pizza.

Looking forward to Buddy's opening up in my neck of the woods. The new location for Buddy's is coming along and it won't be long before I can sink my teeth into a delicious deep dish pizza.

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On a sad note, two of my favorite restaurants in the Greater Lansing area closed for good in 2021. (at least for now)

1. Deluca's Restaurant.

2. Leo's Outpost.

I think I've spent most of my paycheck on both of these well missed Lansing area restaurants. I think we all have.

My wife and I talk about Deluca's and Leo's all the time. We both miss the great food, friendly staff, and all of the daily specials that took place over many years in business.

Deluca's was very well known for their delicious pizza. They were voted best pizza in the Lansing area several times, courtesy of the Lansing State Journal.

Deluca's was in business for 61 amazing years and we really appreciate what they did in the Greater Lansing area. Everyone loved Deluca's!

And Let's not forget about Leo's Outpost on South Pennsylvania Avenue. My entire family went to Leo's Outpost all the time for great food and drink specials.

Leo's Outpost was open in the Lansing area for twenty years. So many friends of mine would meet around 5 p.m. for Happy Hour and stay their for dinner and friendly conversation.

There are several other restaurants in the Greater Lansing area that have closed for good and we'll certainly miss them as well. Take a look at

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