This is something that NASA and scientists knew was a possibility but now they have record of it due to the massive signal the black holes created.

According to WILX, scientists believe the two black holes, with masses of about 65-80 times the size of the sun, collided to produce a signal. This is the most massive merger of black holes ever created as the two black holes have combined to make their mass 142 times the size of the sun. This means that this massive black hole is about 1,000 times larger than the mass of Earth. This is only a guess as it hard to detect and measure black holes, due to their gravity being so strong that no light can escape rendering completely invisible.

The scary thing about Black Holes, besides their size and unpredictability, is that they are tough to locate. Since space is just a void of nothing, finding a black hole happens due to collisions,like explained above, or explosions which can direct scientists to the disturbance. Once scientists are alerted of the disturbance it can take weeks even years to detect exactly where the explosion or disturbance happened.

This collision of two black holes is one of the biggest and most distributive of any signal detected by scientists and of course it happened in 2020. But don't worry about us feeling effects of this as this signal and the collision happened very very far away from Earth. Scientists weren't able to detect exactly where it is yet but the signal was about a tenth of a second meaning it is very far way.  More about it here. 

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