The 2020 haunt season is here and this tour looks awesome!

With Halloween just over a month away, haunted houses and attractions around Michigan are beginning to open their doors. If you plan on visiting the Traverse City area next month, there is a new haunt for you to check out.

"Asylum After Dark" takes you on a tour of Cottage #30 at the now decommissioned Traverse City State Hospital. Guests will be given a guided tour throughout the building. The tour will travel through all four floors including the basement and the attic. As the tour progresses, guests will be shown vignettes to show what it was like back when the hospital was in operation.

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When planning your trips to Traverse City, this new attraction will be open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in October. The attraction will be a 30-minute guided tour which includes an exclusive map and $5 off merchandise at the historic Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Tickets are $45 per person or $80 per couple and are for ages 18 and over with ID required.

This is something I really want to check out and not just for the "haunt" factor. There is just something about old architecture and abandoned buildings and places that really interests me. I love checking out places like that and the older the better. It really lets you see what it was like so many years ago. From the leftover equipment to the signs on the wall really help you picture the times from the past.

For more information or to reserve your time slot now, click here.

Source: MLive


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