So my topic of the day on Wednesday was about "Bad Roommates Stories" and I know we all have at least one story on this. My "Bad Roommate Story" is one that made want to live alone, but I had a roommate that moved out in the middle of the month without paying me rent for the last month or the half month he was there. When I asked if he was going to come back he never gave me an answer so a few months later when I had to move out he still didn't give me an I sold all of his stuff. I even told him that I was going to and he didn't seem to care and also he owed me a couple hundred dollars for back rent so that was his payback I guess. Anyway I lived by myself from then on and now live with my girlfriend, who is a much better roommate.

But anyway you can check out some "Bad Roommate Stories" below. And remember I do Topics that you can get involved in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday so don't miss out on the next Topic of the Day.



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